Klaus Netflix Movie Review: A Perfect Story to Praise the Magic of 2D Animation

adminNovember 26, 2019

Rating 4/5 Stars, Klaus Netflix Movie Review

Like every year, Netflix this time around was also planning to release a number of films and series for the festive season. However, instead of waiting till December or Christmas per say, the streaming giant decided to roll out a number of films and series each week starting November, so there was also something for the viewers. This time, one of the most awaited releases was the animated film, Klaus. The trailer – which was released earlier last month, showed that the story of the film would revolve around the story of Santa Claus. But unlike the North Pole – where Santa is originally believed to hail from – the film is set in a fictional town of Smeerensburg; which, in fact, is snow-capped exactly like how one would have imagined the North Pole to be.

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The film kicks off in a normal town and introduces one of the main characters of the film, Jesper. Jesper is the son of the post office head and in training to become a postman himself, but his lavish lifestyle and privileged background does not make him want to work hard or even become a postman. His father soon realizes that Jesper will never learn unless and until he realizes that in order to get something, one needs to do a lot of hard work. This is when he appoints Jesper to serve as a postman in Smeerensburg – located at the other end of the world. He tells Jesper to reach a yearly quota of delivering 6000 letters, upon which he can come back. Jesper thinks of this as an easy feat, however, upon reaching Smeerensburg, he realizes that the town is inhibited by two families – the Krums and the Ellingbones – who have had a long history of hating on each other. So why would anyone ever send letters to each other?

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This is when he meets Klaus – a carpenter who lives on one end of Smeerensburg, away from all the drama that the two families have been spewing for years. Jesper realizes that Klaus is a toy-maker, when he finds numerous wooden toys in his house. He promises to deliver them to children for free Klaus was willing to donate them, meanwhile, he told the children of the town to write letter requesting for new toys. Kids, being kids, did just that. And what followed was an epic tale of the story of Santa Claus, with elves, the flying sledge and the reindeer. Everything from Santa Claus coming down people’s chimneys, to loving milk and cookies, was shown in the film.

However, while on the surface, the historical story was well-maintained, it was also given a different, never-seen-before twist that one could have never expected. Each story famous about Santa Claus was shown in Klaus, but justified with a magical yet logical explanation – making it a perfect watch for both, kids and adults. And not only that, but it also sends a message across: A true selfless act always inspires another; promoting the essence of the holiday spirit.

At a time when filmmakers are pushing for more 3D animations and creations, Klaus is a breath of fresh air and puts the magic of 2D animation back on the screen. It reminds film enthusiasts that it’s not important for a film to be fancy, but it’s the content that matters. Yet, it does not compromise on the visuals either. Packed with the perfect colours, background score, storyline and voiceovers by Jason Schwartzmann, JK Simmons, Joan Kusack and Rashida Jones, Klaus is a must-watch this season.

Klaus Netflix Movie Review

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